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    ParePro controls the lengths of chips or shavings from a work piece surface to be machined. Engineered interruptions are applied to the work object prior to the machining operation to optimize turning. In addition to substantial improvement of the machining operation quality and production rates will benefit.


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    The ParePro machine is culmination of some of the most cutting edge technologies out there. By utilizing a laser ParePro is capable of accurately and repeatable process parts in a non-contact matter allowing for no ware parts. The ParePro technology is designed to allow flexibility for multiple parts in one cell while still holding tight tolerances.
    ParePro comes in multiple sizes depending the application and volume of parts. Even though all machines have similar equipment the size and capabilities change for each piece of equipment.
    Each machine will include a completed system with integrated ParePro CPU that allows for coordinated laser and motion control, yours or ours. All laser and operational safety equipment will be included with each machine along with part specific programing (up to 3 parts).
    Operational equipment available:

    • Standalone cell – If integrating into the existing operations is not possible or ParePro is capable of producing enough parts to service multiple machines then we can provide a standalone machine to preprocess parts.
    • Depth Inspection – If the process requires the need for laser depth inspection, we can integrate the equipment to quantify the laser operation in a production environment.

    The below is a worksheet with the number of the benefits the past projects have seen. It will give you an idea of the potential savings that you may be able to see by implementing ParePro into your process.

    Engineered Manufacturing Systems LLC (EMS) ParePro System

    Time Lost to Chip Binding

    Tool Failure to Chip Nesting

    Equipment Failure due to Chip Accumulation

    Added Machining Time for Chip Control

    Ruined Parts due to Loss of Control of Scrap

    Rerun (Repaired) Parts due to Loss of Control of Scrap

    Scrap Handling Reduction (1/4 - 1/2 Dunnage of Loose Chip Control)

    Toxic (with Coolant)

    Non-Toxic (without Coolant)

    Cutting Tool Savings (Non-Chip Breaking Tools)

    • Estimated Total Savings
    Each application has its own set of benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how ParePro can help improve your turning operation. Give us a call or drop us a note and one or our Solution Engineers will reach out shortly. 734-240-1500 or