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  • Benefit

    ParePro controls the lengths of chips or shavings from a work piece surface to be machined. Engineered interruptions are applied to the work object prior to the machining operation to optimize turning. In addition to substantial improvement of the machining operation quality and production rates will benefit.


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  • FAQs

    How does ParePro reduce my Capital Equipment?

    Increased thru-put due to faster feed rates, increased depth of cut and a reduction in down time due to chip control issues. The reduction and/or elimination of secondary processes can significantly reduce capital equipment to directly affect the CPU (Cost Per Unit).

    What does Automation have to do with Turning Optimization?

    Uncontrolled chips are eliminated from the work piece. Automated loading, uloading and gauging can be used without error in handling.

    Safety improvement is accomplished how?

    Reducing operator injuries and time lost from long stringy chips protect personnel and equipment.

    Tool costs can be reduced in what way?

    With chip control less expensive cutting tools are purchased. Positive rake tooling also significantly improves cutting pressures and forces that contributes to longer tool life.

    Reduction in Machining down time is accomplished how?

    Through elimination of poor chip control you increase productivity, reduce cost per unit, and minimize parts being scrapped due to chip drag and tool breakage.

    What does Green machining require?

    On many applications limited or no cutting fluids are needed to manage chip size. This results in savings on disposal and environmentally friendly waste.

    Each application has its own set of benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how ParePro can help improve your turning operation. Give us a call or drop us a note and one or our Solution Engineers will reach out shortly. 734-240-1500 or