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  • Case study

    Axle Tube




    Challenge: An international supplier of axle assemblies was having troubles with machined chips obstructing the tube ID post operation. In turn the operator would need to perform a secondary operation to manually clear the debris. In addition to the added cycle time the customer was also unable to incorporate automated material handling because of the obstructed tube. Ultimately the customer was looking for solutions to reduce not only cycle time but the overall cost per unit (CPU).

    Solution: ParePro was applied to the ID of the tube which resulted in four (4), four (4) inch scribe lines covering the machining length on the tube. The tube surface scribe depths ranged from 1 – 4mm varying on the finished cut geometry of the axle tube. By ParePro pretreating the axle tube prior to the machining operation enabled the manufacturer to use existing equipment without any capital cost changes.

    Result: By incorporating ParePro to the existing operation the manufacture was able to see the following benefits:

    • Reduced number of passes to one pass
    • Cutting speed was increased
    • Eliminated secondary debris removal operation
    • Net saving of 43% machining time
    • Able to run without coolant
    • Increased production on existing equipment
    • Increased safety for operator
    • Longer use of tooling
    • Reduced cost of this operation by 27%

    Clutch Hub




    Problem: A truck manufacturer was having an issue with chips accumulating inside the hub clutch, made from 8620, during the lathe operation. One of the problems was with the time it took the operator to handle the part post process because of the safety situation the sharp chips continued to pose. Also a growing number of parts were needed a post operation to rework the parts because of marring. The manufacturer was currently running 400,000 parts a year and foresaw growth to 1,000,000 parts within the next 3 years creating an issue growing at an exponential rate.

    Solution: ParePro was implemented into the process by applying 5 scribe lines on ID of the tube. Due to the location that the scribe lines both teams worked together to find a suitable way to access the ID for treatment while not effecting the current operation. A ParePro size was selected that allowed the client to feed multiple turning centers with processed parts.

    Result: ParePro installation resulted in numerous hard and soft benefits:

    • Decreased machining time by 18%
    • Reduced tool costs by 10%
    • Significantly reduced the need to clean chips out post operation
    • Eliminated the need for a secondary rework operation
    • Allowed the part to be handled quickly and safely by the operator
    • Allowed the client to produce more parts with the current equipment
    • Reduced the cost per part
    • Allowed the customer to more easily meet future demand with confidence and reduced CAPX
    • One ParePro was able to accommodate multiple machining centers

    Torque Converter



    Challenge: A truck manufacturer had trouble keeping scrap metal stringers off of the tooling and out of the stamping when they began to turn the finished surface. The issue created a loss of time and the need for a secondary operation to remove the chips. In addition, the stringer created a safety issue for the operator because of their sharp nature. The current production was 400,000 units a year and the issue was occurring on every part so the customer was having substantial lost time and potential for injury on the floor.

    Solution: ParePro was installed and scribed in four (4) different areas on the part within the finished part parameters. ParePro cycle time was substantially less than the turning operation so ParePro was able to supply enough parts to feed multiple machining centers.

    Result: ParePro process resulted in a number savings:

    • Eliminated stringers
    • Machining time reduced 14%
    • Feeds/Speeds were changed for optimal performance
    • Changed to less expensive tooling; 10% savings
    • Eliminated stringer safety issue
    • Increased throughput
    • Abolished the need for stringer related rework
    Each application has its own set of benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how ParePro can help improve your turning operation. Give us a call or drop us a note and one or our Solution Engineers will reach out shortly. 734-240-1500 or