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    ParePro controls the lengths of chips or shavings from a work piece surface to be machined. Engineered interruptions are applied to the work object prior to the machining operation to optimize turning. In addition to substantial improvement of the machining operation quality and production rates will benefit.


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  • about us

    The ParePro team is made of a group with a range disciplines and backgrounds, ranging from automation to tooling design to process improvement. ParePro was designed on the back of back of this experience while utilizing the latest technology to provide clients with a piece of equipment that brings their turning operations to the next level. The ParePro team unique range of experiences allows us to bring a holistic approach to your lathe operation. ParePro is just a tool, we plan to bring an entire solution even if we are only one piece of the larger puzzle.

    Each application has its own set of benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how ParePro can help improve your turning operation. Give us a call or drop us a note and one or our Solution Engineers will reach out shortly. 734-240-1500 or