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    ParePro controls the lengths of chips or shavings from a work piece surface to be machined. Engineered interruptions are applied to the work object prior to the machining operation to optimize turning. In addition to substantial improvement of the machining operation quality and production rates will benefit.


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    Welcome to Parepro

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Albert Einstein

    Every business is working to be a better version of themselves and if they aren’t then the ones that are will end up passing them by. The manufacturing landscape continues to change because of many different challenges, low cost countries, increase material costs and lack of skilled labor to name a few. Metal turning is one of the industries hit hardest by these challenges and ParePro is working to address some of these challenges.

    ParePro is designed around providing a higher quality cut while increasing thru-put. ParePro can be integrated with your existing turning equipment or be setup as a stand along operation. The following is a more specific list advantages other applications have seen:

    • Improved Cycle Time
    • Coolant Elimination
    • Decreased Down Time
    • Reduced Tooling Costs
    • Reduced Machine Repair
    • Improved Product Quality
    • Reduction in Part Process Steps
    • Auto Part Load/Unloading
    • Reduced Capital Equipment Costs
    Each application has its own set of benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how ParePro can help improve your turning operation. Give us a call or drop us a note and one or our Solution Engineers will reach out shortly. 734-240-1500 or